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In case you weren’t aware, the World Day of Peace is celebrated every New Year’s Day (check out the 2024 Inclusion at Work calendar for more days you may not know about). Unfortunately, there is so much war and strife occurring across the globe that the prospect of peace may seem impossible. While most of us won’t be asked to participate in peace talks between foreign nations, there is much we can do to promote peace in our own spheres. For example, with anti-semitism and other forms of racism on the rise, there are plenty of opportunities for us to refocus on humanity and do our part to build some semblance of peace in our community.

Even more locally, what brings you peace? Is it your family? Financial security? Are you among the many who look for that security by piling on more commitments and responsibilities? That doesn’t sound like peace at all.

For many women, there’s been a decades-long narrative that women can “have it all,” from successful careers to vibrant social lives, happy families to fulfilling hobbies. Unfortunately what was originally designed to be empowering to women has instead become a shackle for many. This idea that women can be and do all things is creating a vacuum in which women feel they have to. While there are plenty of women out there who truly want to do it all, there are women who don’t want to do it all. And that has to be okay, too.

Inclusion means accepting and embracing other women, and other ideas of what being a woman looks like, even if it doesn’t look the same for you. It means understanding that even the idea of ‘peace’ looks different for different people and being okay with that. Take some time this week to think about what peace looks like for you. What needs to be done to make it possible in both your work and personal life? What outside voices/expectations do you need to tune out to find it for yourself?

While we aren’t as close to world peace as we’d like to be, take the steps needed to find it within yourself. The only way you can truly “have it all” is by having it on your own terms.

With appreciation,

Stacey Gordon, MBA
Rework Work CEO


At Rework Work, we do DEI differently. We Disrupt, Evolve, and Innovate recruitment processes with growth, willingness to change, and continuous education. To that end, we created the Recruitment at Work discussion board – an open forum for recruiters and HR professionals to discuss and share experiences and innovative ideas to propagate real change in the workplace.

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Stacey’s first LinkedIn Live event of 2024 is coming!

If you’ve ever wondered whether HR can be the solution to DEI’s problems or if HR should be tackling DEI at all, PIHRA’s CEO, Rafael Rivera and Rework Work’s CEO, Stacey Gordon will have a discussion, moderated by PIHRA’s Membership Director to uncover just what is HR’s role in DEI.

Join us February 1 to learn more about Rework Work’s new partnership with Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA)!

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How Can You Do DEI Differently?

Thursday, February 8, 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

If you’ve been tasked with tackling DEI in your workplace, you know that expectations are high and resources are nearly non-existent. Looking for a way to tackle DEI differently?

Join Stacey for this PIHRA webinar that will provide you with some solutions.

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Stacey is passionate about sharing her DEI experience and insight with groups both big and small. Is your organization looking to do DEI differently? Let’s talk about how Stacey can educate, inspire, and equip your team to make impactful changes in your workplace.

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Where peace is possible
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