We are your
Diversity, Equity &
Inclusion Solution

We know diversity matters and so do your employees.

Even the most progressive companies often struggle to uncover their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) blind spots, which makes it hard to know which practices and solutions to implement to bring about lasting change. We are dedicated to fostering sustainable change on the journey toward building an inclusive workplace culture.

Speaking engagements

Strategy consultations

Virtual learning courses

DEI Organizational Assessment

Corporate training & workshops

Leadership development

Recruitment process review

Our diversity consultants and trainers are certified at the highest level, and they hold experience working with executives across a wide variety of industries. We empower companies to create healthy people-first paradigms, which allow teams to be happier and more productive.

We help
Drive Cultural Change
in the workplace

We facilitate difficult conversations, help with organizational challenges, and guide potential solutions.

Our DEI advisors work from Los Angeles, across the globe, and are the best in directing the transformation of workplace culture. We help build inclusive workplaces where every employee is equally respected and empowered.

Rework Work wants to take the guesswork out of your business growth and improve your company’s overall DEI efforts. Wherever your organization may be with its cultural competency work or its diversity and inclusion efforts, we welcome the opportunity to facilitate a deeper level of understanding and growth within your team(s).

Cultivating belonging calls for guidance from top DEI experts.

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