Organizations that
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Keep moving forward

Hello! Last month I spoke at Southern California Edison’s Black History Month Celebration and emphasized the need for us to “show up” in order to truly impact the communities we serve. When it comes to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, though, we know that only showing up doesn’t create effective solutions. It is, however, [...]

What will it take?!

Hello! As I write this from home, about 30 miles from the tragic shooting in Monterey Park, I'm reading about yet another mass shooting in Beverly Park that took place just this weekend. This marks the fourth mass shooting in California this month. Even more, these unthinkable events have brought the national total of mass [...]

All that is Simply Good

Hello! Gratitude. The concept seems simple enough, but we often find its implementation a bit more challenging. While ‘implementation’ may seem like a strange term in this context, I believe that being grateful requires this kind of intention. When we are implementing programs and initiatives in the workplace, there is purpose and strategy behind them. [...]
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