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Announcing the “Workspace Workshop” — where work meets play

Dear Dream-Chasers and Changemakers, We cordially invite you to attend our Workspace Workshop, where work meets play! We promise to revolutionize your understanding of Unconscious Inclusion while embracing a spirit of growth and exploration. This is your opportunity to bring your DEI challenges and work towards a solution with peers and experts alike. This exciting [...]

Turn “toxic” into teamwork

Hello! Transform your team from dysfunctional to dynamic with Unconscious Inclusion: The Work Beyond the Workshop™. The Rework Work way is centered around experiential learning that embraces the power of making mistakes and receiving feedback because this iterative process fuels growth. DEI should not be an additional to-do on your task list. Neither should DEI [...]

Summer news & updates

Hello! If you didn’t read our last issue, we won’t hold it against you (this time). Big changes are coming for the Rework Work newsletter. Beginning in July, the newly-dubbed Rework Workspace will be your bi-weekly resource for bridging the gap between DEI concepts and actual, concrete changes in your workplace. Each issue will focus [...]

To everything there is a season

Hello! New Year's Day notwithstanding, I often feel like June exemplifies that start of new things. Graduations, new babies, and vacations are all milestone events that cause us to take pause and consider prioritizing things differently. It's in that spirit that we are making some changes this month. In fact, if you're a Simply Diversity subscriber, [...]

Mental health days are not enough

Hello! If there’s any silver lining from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that mental health found its way to center stage. As the projected two-week shutdown turned into a "quarantine Christmas," many companies began establishing mental health initiatives, procedures, and programs to support their staff at home. Flash forward to 2023, and some organizations are beginning [...]

Amplify inclusion

Hello! May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, a time to not only honor the influence and contributions of these communities, but also to acknowledge the challenges they face. A recent study of the effects of the COVID pandemic on the AAPI community reported that these people groups, "faced negative health and economic consequences, [...]

Sometimes DEI is about ESG

Hello! I recently had the opportunity to travel to Dublin, Ireland, to speak at TalentCon 2023, a conference hosted by ERF for recruitment professionals. When I wasn’t discussing diversity recruitment versus skills-based recruitment, I was taking in the beautiful sights and rich culture of Ireland’s beloved capital city. In one of these jaunts I came across a coffee [...]
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