we move organizations from awareness to action

Our expert consultants have worked with Fortune 500 companies to recruit top diverse talent and increase retention rates by up to 14%. Our team is committed to helping you embed diversity and inclusion into the fabric of your organizational culture and make it sustainable.

Dismantle recruitment bias and create hiring equity

Address unconscious bias and provide solutions on workplace culture transformation

Create & provide tools to handle crisis communications in culturally insensitive situations that arise within the workplace

Provide a forum for dialogue and provide tangible tools to change uncomfortable workplace conversations to candid dialogue, inclusive of all employees.

We offer education, and
leadership development
opportunities to create
inclusive Workplaces

Great work culture is about great people

Learning to identify internalized biases and harmful work norms should be a fundamental part of every company. Rework Work helps companies to develop clear Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives to create more diverse and inclusive teams. Culturally diverse teams can help make space for diverse perspectives and help to create more productive, innovative, and engaged employees.

We are well equipped in training for a wider population on how your company approaches diversity, equity, & inclusion and we integrate topics of diversity and inclusion into the coaching of leaders, as well as for employees, for whom this may be a new conversation.

Our diverse and expert DEI trainers and coaches support leaders across the country, and around the globe, who are grappling with inclusion and equity issues within the workplace and provide training on DEI-related issues.

Whether you’re seeking executive coaching for an executive leader, a keynote to inspire allies in your company, or education for your workforce at large, our diverse DEI advisors are passionate about creating belonging through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Building a great work
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