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Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month (WHM), an observance established in 1980 to acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions of women in America, as well as to create awareness of the issues with which they continue to contend.

Our Simply Good article this month highlights the Shideezhi Project—a mentoring program for young Navajo women that was launched in 2009. Although this article is a bit dated, Philana Kiely, the program’s founder, does a great job of explaining the specific challenges that young indigenous women are still facing today.

Unfortunately, the Shideezhi Project is no longer active, but similar efforts are being made by groups like IMAGEN (Indigenous Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment Network). If you know of any other organizations that support young American Indian women, please let me know, as this group of women is especially important to me.

On a more global scale, International Women’s Day (IWD) (March 8), is a day set apart to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world. IWD’s theme for 2022 is “Break the Bias,” which is right up our alley. Visit the IWD website to learn more (and to strike your best #BreaktheBias pose!).

While we have addressed how DEI change needs to be addressed at the top, it is important to remember that all of us have important role to play as well. Our Simply Diversity article seeks to remind us that there are so many important decisions that we make each day as individuals that impact someone else, whether positively or negatively. We don’t have to wait for the grand gestures before we start making a difference.

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Simply Diversity

“Are you scratching your head? Thinking too big is usually encouraged! We’re applauded for being visionary, thinking large, and solving big challenges creatively. But when you make a topic like DEI at your company or workplace super broad, it’s easy to get stuck.”


Simply Good

Philana Kiely immediately put her MBA to use by establishing a mentoring program for the young Navajo women from her community. Her goal? To reignite the spark of optimism in the women from her community.

Reminder: If you know of any organizations that support American Indian Women please let me know, as this one is no longer running.

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Women’s History Month
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