Shane Whalley

Senior Facilitator

Expertise at work
I have been a social justice educator, storyteller and facilitator for over 20 years

A few fun facts
I love to be in a room where there is energy and conversation. My hope is that the conversation is how we can make cultural and structure change so all feel welcome and have what they need to be able to be fully present.

One thing that people don’t expect about me is that I attended private, religious, boarding school for middle and high school and then after a couple of years of college I dropped out and went to work for the international headquarter of my church.

Mx. Shane Whalley received hir Masters degree in Social Work from the The University of Texas School of Social work in 2003. Shane is the founder of Daring Dialogues Consulting. Ze is a deeply relational and playful genderqueer facilitative educator, who has been facilitating workshops and conversations on issues faced by the LGBTQIA communities, cultural humility and responsiveness and social justice frameworks for over 20 years. Hir knowledge comes from my lived experience as a now elder within the genderqueer and queer communities. Shane has also been the Community Coordinator for the Office of Equity at Austin Independent School District, the Education Coordinator for the Gender and Sexuality Center at The University of Texas at Austin and has worked at several mental health nonprofits in Austin. Shane enjoys engaging in conversations around the complexities of “all the things” whether as a mentor, consultant, or educator.


Shane Whalley
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