Lavada English

Principal Consultant & Partner

Expertise at work
A Diversity Equity and Inclusion and Leadership and Organization Development Strategist with excellent results in linking talent management to strategic business objectives.

A few fun facts
I am excited to help cultures thrive. Through my work, I play a role in helping teams create legacies of inclusive environments. Ultimately the way we work impacts our society and that’s important work.

I am a US citizen born and raised in Pennsylvania. The community that loved and nurtured me from childhood to adulthood is inclusive and caring and I would like to help people experience this type of culture in the workplace.

Amateur actress in Pennsylvania during younger years, worked as a reporter for a local publication in the past, soon to release my first children’s book.

Lavada English holds over 16 years of experience impacting cultures, she has led multiple projects and impacted countless learners. She has helped teams gain significant breakthroughs in the way they think about and do their work. The residual effects of Lavada’s work began during her early career where she helped shape the leadership programs for the Johnson and Johnson corporation. Lavada’s clients include the private, nonprofit and public sectors.

She holds a BA in Communications, an MBA in Human Resource Management and several training certifications. Lavada has led teams to greater engagement, increased morale, new performance standards, and higher retention. She works to make teams better through organizational development and workplace cultural strategies. Lavada’s approach is rooted in the belief that team cohesiveness and practical application of relevant techniques close cultural gaps and help gain greater business outcomes.

Her experience includes process audits, team coaching and training, program assessments, strategy sessions, leadership coaching and customized “people” focused projects.

Lavada English
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