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Rework Work’s Best of 2021: A Year in Review

If you’re like us, you looked at the calendar, realized that 2021 is almost over, and thought, “Wow. That was fast.”

Just days into 2021, it was obvious that this wasn’t going to be the easy year we all wanted. The civil unrest, the economic crisis, the political divisions, and (of course) the pandemic that dominated 2020 all followed us into this year, too. Honestly, we should have expected it.

Growth and change are often chaotic, disruptive processes with no definitive timelines. No matter how much we might prefer things to be otherwise, progress is seldom a linear thing. We move forward a little, step back, revisit things we didn’t fully understand before, learn some more and move on again.

Maybe that’s the key to being our best selves: Once we understand that real growth takes time and can be a little messy, we can more easily embrace the disorder of a changing world and patiently keep working on our goals until everything—at last—clicks into place.

At Rework Work, we believe that the more we learn, the better equipped we are to achieve all our short-term and long-term objectives for the future. We never stop asking, “What’s next?” We’ve collected the best of our efforts from 2021 so we know what we have to improve next year. We’ve also provided a bonus gift from us to you!

Stacey A. Gordon, MBA
Rework Work CEO

Unconscious Bias: The LinkedIn Learning Course
Most Popular Course of 2021

When you make decisions from a biased viewpoint, you’re going to get skewed results. In less than 30 minutes, you can learn how to recognize your own biases and stop letting them be part of your personal and organizational decisions.

Course badges_01_Unconscious Bias

“How Sharing Our Stories Builds Inclusion”
Harvard Business Review Co-Authored Article

Storytelling is as old as humanity itself, and sharing our individual stories helps us build connections with others, understand our own history better, and see how the past influences our present.

UNBIAS: Addressing Unconscious Bias At Work
Published a book about bias

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace can’t be achieved through words alone. My book helps you take charge of problem workplace cultures and change them, step by step.

Rework Work Community Launch
Built and launched an upgraded resources hub for DEI

Positive change and real growth are much easier when you’re not operating in a vacuum. Whether you’re still at an entry-level position or you’re the CEO of your own company, the Rework Work community can support you on your journey to a better workplace.

The Workplace Assessment Awareness Builder
Over 600 responses received

How do you know what you need to do to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) if you don’t know where you stand? This tool can help you identify your company’s DEI weaknesses and figure out where to start changing things.

Bonus Gift: 2022 Diversity Calendar
A calendar to keep DEI top of mind for 2022

Finally, please accept our bonus gift to you: a diversity calendar that can help you and your organization keep track of events, holidays, and dates that are important to people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Not yet a member of Rework Work’s online community? Join us for full access to even more resources that will enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace.

Rework Work’s Best of 2021: A Year in Review
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