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As DEI professionals and advocates, we often talk to others about fostering inclusion and belonging but we can lose sight of our personal ownership of these concepts. For example, as June is Pride Month in the United States, many who work in DEI are encouraging others to become allies for their LGBTQ+ colleagues, but how many of us lack diversity and allyship in our own social circles? We must commit to curating networks that represent the diversity we profess in our work.

If a hard look at your social circles comes up lacking in the inclusion department, don’t beat yourself up. We all have an unconscious inclination to gravitate towards people who are like us (hello, affinity bias). However, once we’re aware that our current networks and social media feeds have us in an isolated bubble, we have to be intentional about widening our circles. This expanded inclusion doesn’t just apply to communities diversified by race, gender, or sexual orientation. In this ever-turbulent election year, do your networks include voices with differing political views, or have you hidden or unfollowed those from the other side of the aisle? Without exposure to diversity of thought, who are you learning from in your circle?

With that in mind, as we take aim at greater inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community next month, let’s not limit those efforts to a brief 30 days. Instead, let’s bolster diversity in our own circles to impact the lives of others in the weeks and months ahead. If we can intentionally connect with people whose walk is different from our own, we’ll empower ourselves and others to put away fear and ignorance to embrace transformational growth and change. Now that seems like a mission worth practicing and preaching.

With appreciation,

Stacey Gordon, MBA
Rework Work CEO


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Practice what you preach
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