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Mental health days are not enough


If there’s any silver lining from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that mental health found its way to center stage. As the projected two-week shutdown turned into a “quarantine Christmas,” many companies began establishing mental health initiatives, procedures, and programs to support their staff at home. Flash forward to 2023, and some organizations are beginning to wonder if their mental health programs are continuing to boost team morale, or if they’re just a passing trend.

According to a recent study by the world’s largest HR association, mental health support is not only still vital for a healthy workplace culture but could be pivotal to recruiting and keeping top talent. In Simply Good, SHRM shares its eye-opening findings, as well as ways to ensure that your programs are truly meeting the needs and expectations of your team.

When discussing issues of mental health, we should also be cognizant of labels we use. To emphasize the murky (and sometimes damaging) waters labels can create, this week’s Simply Diversity is a throwback to last year’s observance of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Heritage Month. When it comes to collecting data about people groups, many labels that are commonly used to describe/categorize people have been found to be grossly simplistic and insufficient. In this article, I share how this seemingly small disparity can actually have a big impact on the people in these communities.

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Gen Z Expects Mental Wellness Support from Employers

SHRM research found that 61 percent of Generation Z respondents would potentially leave their job for one with significantly better mental health benefits. From personal coaches to flexible environments, there are a variety of ways employers can create a culture that supports mental health.

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How labels hide the real data on diversity

Read it again…

Labels are insufficient because they fail to capture the myriad intersecting identities we all hold. They can still serve a purpose, however, if thoughtfully and intentionally defined.

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Mental health days are not enough
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