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Last month I spoke at Southern California Edison’s Black History Month Celebration and emphasized the need for us to “show up” in order to truly impact the communities we serve. When it comes to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, though, we know that only showing up doesn’t create effective solutions. It is, however, a pivotal and necessary first step in the right direction.

Yesterday was Equal Pay Day in the United States, an annual observance symbolizing that, on average, women need to work 14 ½ months in order to earn the same income their male counterparts earn in only 12 months. States like Colorado and California have shown up in the effort to end wage disparity by enacting Equal Pay for Equal Work laws. These laws, among other things, require companies to be transparent about wages for job openings. In Simply Good, we see the benefits of Colorado’s law in action, including survey data that shows an increase in applicants for companies that are implementing wage transparency requirements.

The State of Colorado is currently working on updates to the law to address some of its unintended, negative impacts on businesses. That being said, while the language of the original bill may not have been perfect, the State wasn’t deterred from taking the first step to end wage disparity for women and underrepresented workers. We won’t always be able to see five steps ahead, but it shouldn’t keep us from continuing to move forward, right now.

Speaking of moving forward, or maybe moving on, Chief Diversity Officers (CDO) are leaving their positions within two years of taking on the role. Are these breakups because of you or them? In Simply Diversity, I break down the reasons they aren’t staying and what organizations can do to reverse the trend.

Finally, I’ve been crossing the country to meet with employee resource groups (ERGs) that are looking to impact their communities in positive ways. I’d love to encourage and empower your ERGs to do the same! Check out What’s Happening to learn more.

With appreciation,

Stacey Gordon, MBA
Rework Work CEO

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What’s Working: Colorado is more  transparent about wages than any other state

Colorado is more transparent about wages than any other state in the country. Is it’s Equal Pay for Equal Work law perfect? No; but it’s a great start.


Is it you or is it them? The reason CDOs don’t stay.

CDOs are leaving their jobs before the honeymoon is even over. How much of that short tenure is because the CDO role isn’t respected, and how much is due to the fact that you often have historically underrepresented individuals like women, women of color, and men of color, in those roles?

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What Community Can You Directly Impact?

Stacey has spent much of Black History Month and Women’s History Month speaking to employee resource groups (ERGs) across the country, encouraging them to show up and be part of the solution to affect positive change in their communities. Later this month, she’ll be speaking to ERGs at Southern California Edison, where just last month she gave the keynote speech at their annual Black History Month Celebration.

Is your ERG looking for motivation and inspiration? Contact us! Stacey would love to meet with your team.



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Keep moving forward
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