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Is our pursuit of equality really equal?


As we trudge forward in the battle for equal rights for all, we are finding more and more instances in which champions of change are still lacking inclusion. For example, March 31 is the Transgender Day of Visibility. This observance was established by transgender activists to raise awareness of the community who, at the time, felt highly unrepresented by the LGTBQ+ rights movement.

Unfortunately, even within gender, we struggle to remain inclusive. As we wrap up another Women’s History Month, do we include the history and contributions of transgender women? As we talk about equal pay, are underrepresented women part of the conversation?

While it’s true that sometimes our efforts for equality miss the mark, it doesn’t mean we can’t pivot and correct. At Rework Work, we are all about the evolution of work in the pursuit of more inclusive workplaces. We are constantly crafting tools not only to raise awareness but also to help leaders manage this flux. If you’d like to Disrupt, Evolve, and Innovate your workplace, join me for the next cohort of Unconscious Inclusion.

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Stacey Gordon, MBA
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Though this is a resource external to our Rework Workspace, we are thrilled to share insights from The Future of Recruiting, a LinkedIn Talent Solutions report that dives deep into the landscape of recruiting to help talent professionals navigate the next 5 years. What are the major challenges ahead? Attracting and retaining Gen Z!

In the report, Stacey’s perspective emphasizes the critical need for Talent Acquisition to understand and align with Gen Z’s values. We can’t just recruit; we must connect authentically to thrive in the future of recruiting.

Read the full report! Haven’t accessed our library of free resources for DEI professionals yet? Let’s fix that.

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Lead with Inclusion: Inclusive Actions at Work with Stacey Gordon

Sometimes, equal pay isn’t about equal pay

Having just observed Equal Pay Day, there have been lots of conversations about its inability to equitably represent all women among all races. But really, we can’t even talk about equal pay without first talking about equal advancement opportunities. If women (or any underestimated group) aren’t being equally considered for a job in the first place, there’s nothing to be equally compensated for. Here’s what to do if you want to be an inclusive leader and address equal pay in your workplace.

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We can’t believe it’s been three years since Stacey’s book hit the shelves! Unbias:Addressing Unconscious Bias at Work has sold thousands of copies, and we’re excited about how it’s equipping and empowering organizations to make impactful changes in their workplace.

More recently, clients have been picking up their copy as a companion to one of Stacey’s speaking engagements. Haven’t had a chance to hear her speak?

Let’s chat about how she can come to you!

Looking for lasting transformation? Check out Unconscious Inclusion: The Work Beyond the Workshop. It’s not just about awareness; it’s about action, evolution, and sustainable change.

Is our pursuit of equality really equal?
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