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Hispanic Heritage Month


And … we’re back! We hope that all of you have had the opportunity at some point this summer to take a step back from the daily grind and get recharged. It’s not only vital to your own health but also impacts your effectiveness in all of the roles you play.

Overgiving to our jobs is a challenge for many of us. A Simply Diversity article from August explores why fighting your instinct to give and give to your workplace is not antithetical to having a strong work ethic.

Stepping back for a time also gives you perspective on where in your work life you need to see changes and recognize where change has already taken place. Our most recent Simply Diversity discusses the “quiet quitting” trend, and also invites you to focus on improvements and take heart from the progress that is being made.

Speaking of progress, September is Hispanic Heritage Month. While there is much to be said about the impacts of the Hispanic culture on every facet of American culture, I wanted to specifically focus on how this community is helping our country’s economy bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to McKinsey & Company, the growth of the Hispanic population in the U.S. (which now accounts for 20% of the total population), means that successful economic recovery for this community is pivotal to the long-term recovery of the country as a whole. Our Simply Good article below highlights how entrepreneurship has Latino-owned businesses opening at a higher rate than any other start-up population in the U.S.

Finally, I’m excited to announce that I will be participating in the Mount Saint Mary’s University 2020 Women’s Leadership Conference. As one of many industry leaders invited to share their stories, as well as strategies, I’m looking forward to discussing how to use storytelling as an effective leadership tool to influence, inspire and get results in your career and life. Check out What’s Happening for more details.

With appreciation,

Stacey Gordon, MBA
Rework Work CEO

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Nonnegotiable Career Advice for DEI (and everyone else too)

Sometimes, going above and beyond is strategic and effective, such as when you’re following a clear path to promotion. But a lot of the time, overgiving and avoiding boundaries is a straight shot to being taken advantage of.

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In North America, we just wrapped up Labor Day weekend, and it’s had me thinking about how we got here – to a place of labor shortages and quiet quitting as we grapple with an economic downturn.

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Hispanic Heritage

Latino-Owned Businesses May Be the U.S. Economy’s Best Bet

They’re called LOBs for short, but they’re working on a fastball. Latino-owned businesses are launching faster than the rest of the startup population and becoming a more significant part of the total U.S. market every day.

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Women’s Stories: The Power to Connect, Engage, and Transform

Saturday, September 17, 2022
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (PST)

Mount St. Mary’s University, Chalom Campus

Join us to explore the power of stories to break down walls, build trust and spur action. Industry leaders will share their stories, as well as strategies to help you discover how to use storytelling as an effective leadership tool to influence, inspire and get results in your career and life.

Not yet a member of Rework Work’s online community? Join us for full access to even more resources that will enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace.

Hispanic Heritage Month
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