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From awareness to action: supporting neurodivergence at work


According to the Harvard Business Review, autistic professionals are 140 percent more productive than neurotypical employees when placed in a job that accurately matches their skill set. Despite that fact, 50 to 75 percent of autistic adults in the U.S. are either unemployed or have jobs that don’t fully utilize their skills and talent. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, mainstream recruiting strategies and unspoken behavior and social expectations make it incredibly challenging for those with autism to attain and retain gainful rewarding employment. So when we talk about greater inclusion in our workplaces, how are we including neurodivergence in the conversation? Are we ready to move from awareness to authentic action in this area?

Last week I hosted a LinkedIn Audio event that focused on the many performative ways people show up. For example, consider the rainbow-colored cupcakes in the staff room “in support of” LGTBQ+ employees. Displays like these are both patronizing and ineffectual at cultivating inclusion. Our workplaces have to shift from performative to genuine action, creating spaces where people are safe to show up authentically.

For those in your ranks with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), are you prepared to accommodate and manage team members appropriately? How is your organization reaching and encouraging these individuals to apply in the first place?

As we always say, we need to be more aware altogether. If you haven’t yet completed our Sparking Awareness learning path, check it out. You’ll find a lot of education packed into six short modules, which are included for free with your Workspace membership. While you’re there, take time to explore, experiment and stretch your boundaries with our other DEI Sandbox tools and resources.

During this Autism Awareness Month, let’s do more than add a puzzle piece icon to our profile pictures. Instead, let’s step away from performative tactics and make a move towards more authentic, transformational action

With appreciation,

Stacey Gordon, MBA
Rework Work CEO

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At Rework Work, we are all about inclusion. However, even though we live and breathe DEI everyday, we still have oversights. We recently realized some unrepresented categories in our Book Nook resource and are working diligently to curate highly-esteemed books on these pivotal topics. Check out our digital shelves in the coming weeks to see our picks in our newest sections, Disability and Neurodivergence. Have your own book recommendations for these and other DEI topics?

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Lead with Inclusion: Inclusive Actions at Work with Stacey Gordon

It’s Time to Advocate for Inclusion

Are you a leader or DEI practitioner who’s burdened with 2020 DEI initiatives that have lost steam? Don’t abandon your efforts! See my DEI framework in a new light and get a current, big-picture reminder of why the work we do is more important than ever. 

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If you’re planning on attending the event, let us know. Stacey would love to grab dinner with you! After the event, a preview of her course, “The Why of DEI,” will also be available on Arlan’s Academy.

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Power of the Pack
April 16, 2024; 9 to 10 AM PT / 12 to 1 PM ET
LinkedIn Live Event

Stacey will be joining this Female Quotient discussion entitled, “Reclaiming Her Time: Respecting Childless and Child-free Women in the Workplace.” Join the conversation as the panel unpacks how to foster inclusivity in the workplace by respecting the choices and contributions of child-free women.

Looking for lasting transformation? Check out Unconscious Inclusion: The Work Beyond the Workshop. It’s not just about awareness; it’s about action, evolution, and sustainable change.

From awareness to action: supporting neurodivergence at work
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