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“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”

— Calvin Coolidge

This year’s observance of Veterans Day marks the 104th anniversary of the end of World War I, a war in which four million American soldiers served. Since that time, millions more Americans have stepped up to serve and protect our country, giving up the comforts of home, time with their families, and, in the most extreme circumstances, their very lives.

This year’s Veterans Day theme is “Honor,” something that all who serve honorably deserve. In Simply Goodthe nonprofit JUST Capital takes a look at how businesses are honoring veterans by recognizing and utilizing the unique skill sets they bring to the workplace.

For many veterans, this transition is not an easy one, especially for those living with post-traumatic stress syndrome or other mental issues associated with their experiences abroad. October 10 was Mental Health Day, an observance established by the World Health Organization to raise awareness for mental health issues and to “make mental health and well-being a global priority.” Mental health issues affect all of us, whether it be our own experience or that of someone near to us. By raising and participating in conversations about mental health, we destigmatize the topic and take away its power to isolate. Instead, we can empower people by fostering environments where people can safely be their whole selves.

Speaking of fostering empowering environments, why do we excuse some forms of bias but swiftly condemn others? It’s a pattern that I see play out again and again, and the recent Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) media storm is the latest example of this disturbing phenomenon. In Simply Diversity, I raise awareness of our tendency to ignore and therefore accept forms of racism and misogyny and also provide ways to address it in the workplace.

Finally, it’s hard to believe that we’re less than two months away from 2023. That being said, do you have a DEI game plan set for the new year? If you’re a Rework Work client, keep your eyes on your inbox for an invitation to “Creating Your DEI Roadmap for 2023.” This interactive workshop, hosted by me and three other DEI experts, will help you define your next, actionable steps to increasing workplace inclusion in the coming year. Check out What’s Happening for more details.

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Stacey Gordon, MBA
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Americans Want Companies to Do More for Veterans
Here Are Ways Businesses and Investors Are Showing What’s Possible

Veterans have shouldered some of the most difficult challenges to American society of the last 20 years, from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to the effects of the Great Recession. What are America’s largest companies currently doing to support veterans?


How ADIDAS has co-signed acceptable forms of bias

I see a common bias pattern playing out in the public and corporate outrage about the antisemitic comments made by Ye (formerly known as Kayne West): we’re quick to excuse and ignore certain types of bias, and quick to decry others.

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Creating your DEI Roadmap for 2023

NOVEMBER 30, 2022 @ 10 am (PT)

Year after year, DEI experts field similar questions, doubts, and concerns when it comes to addressing DEI in organizations. That’s why we have formed the DEI Collaborative — to use our collective experience in DEI, organizational change, and leadership development to further support organizations in implementing their inclusion and equity strategies. Our hope is to synthesize the data we’ve obtained working with hundreds of clients over the past few years and use it to help others set and manage their DEI strategies for next year and beyond. Our clients will have the opportunity to join us for an interactive session where they can learn from us, as well as be in community with other clients, all while getting really specific about next steps.

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Fostering empowering environments
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