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DEI workshops don’t work

November 17 is International Employee Resource Group (ERG) Day. Starting out as race-based forums in the 1960s, ERGs have now become key players in not only promoting diversity and inclusion in their workplaces, but also in contributing to the overall structure and strategy of the businesses they support. In addition to promoting inclusion and employee engagement, ERGs now provide support in areas such as talent acquisition, onboarding processes, and overall company policy.

Because of their ever-increasing influence in the spaces they represent, it’s vital that ERGs are well-equipped to navigate their roles in order to achieve the most impact. Rework Work offers a myriad of tools and resources that can help ERGs address workplace discrimination while also empowering them to take a bold stance against exclusionary practices.

If your ERG is looking for lasting transformation in your workplace, we recommend Unconscious Inclusion: The Work Beyond the Workshop. Where typical DEI workshops provide theories with no real call-to-action, our Unconscious Inclusion program goes beyond theory to provide real-life application strategies in areas like:

  • Unconscious Bias
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Uncomfortable Conversations
  • Active Listening & Communication Skills
  • Psychological Safety
  • Team Morale and Collaboration
  • Employee Engagement

By investing in the professional development of ERGs, companies are fostering stronger interpersonal skills, which directly correlate with financial performance. They’re also benefiting from the creativity and innovation that results from diversity of thought and inclusive workgroups. Unconscious Inclusion: The Work Beyond the Workshop is unlike any workshop you’ve experienced because it isn’t just about awareness, but about action, evolution, and sustainable change. Learn more about Unconscious Inclusion and reserve your spot today!


DEI Champion Toolbox

This collection of resources was specifically curated for those already championing DEI in their workplaces. As the demand for more support and education increases, we rise to the occasion by providing materials that have proven instrumental on our own DEI journey. Want to know more about your own DEI aptitude? Take our DEIQ Persona Quiz

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Simply Good
Psychological safety is an incredibly important factor in creating a healthy workplace environment, but most organizations don’t yet have any systems or guidelines to hold themselves accountable to psychological safety standards. When employees step out on a limb to challenge the culture or practices of their organization, they are putting themselves at risk: risk of retaliation, risk of losing their job, risk of harming their own well-being. At the end of the day, the responsibility should not fall on employees to take these kinds of risks with no protections in place. Here are my recommendations.
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Workspace Workshop – DEI Done Differently

November 16, 2023; 9 AM PT/Noon ET
In this free Workspace Workshop event, Stacey will introduce you to Unconscious Inclusion and connect you with HR and Talent Acquisition professionals, as well as offer diverse perspectives and expert guidance. This session is customized to address your specific challenges, whether they involve understanding equity vs. equality, managing a toxic team environment, or integrating DEI into your recruitment practices. Bring your DEI challenges, and together, we’ll find solutions.

Not yet a member of Rework Work’s online community? Join us for full access to even more resources that will enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace.

DEI workshops don’t work
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