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Disability Pride Month

Hello! In our last newsletter, I mentioned how I only recently became aware of Caribbean American Heritage month (June), despite my own Caribbean lineage. The month of July honors another people group with an observance of which many may not be aware, but one that is equally important. Disability Pride Month was established with the [...]

Caribbean American Heritage Month

Hello! June is Caribbean American Heritage Month and, as part of the White House’s official proclamation, several high-ranking officials within the executive branch are being honored for their Caribbean heritage, not the least of which is our own Vice President Kamala Harris. In all honesty, despite my own Caribbean heritage, I wasn't aware of this distinction [...]

The Performative BS That Blocks Meaningful Progress

Hello! This year marks the 156th observance of Juneteenth — when word of the Emancipation Proclamation (finally!) reached African American slaves in Texas. Juneteenth, which is celebrated each June 19, is celebrated across the country by way of festivals, concerts, and other community-building events. Our Simply Good article this week suggests another way to participate [...]

Haitian Heritage Month & More

Hello! Thank goodness May is one of the longer months of the year, as it honors so many unique dimensions of diversity. As we celebrate Haitian Heritage Month (among other notable celebrations that we’ll mention below), I thought it might be good to highlight the origin of the picture we’ve all seen around the internet. The picture [...]

New LinkedIn Learning Course for Leaders

I am excited to announce that I have just launched a brand-new course on LinkedIn Learning! The new course, Addressing Unconscious Bias as a Leader, was specifically designed for leaders looking to remove barriers and ensure equity throughout their organization. Launching from the concepts introduced in my Unconscious Bias course (which has now reached over one million learners!), [...]
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