Equity & Inclusion
Workplace Assessment


Thank you for taking the time to take our Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Workplace Assessment.

This is a tool for you to assess your company’s journey along the path to creating a sustainable inclusive workplace.

You are already taking the first step to becoming an inclusive leader by seeking resources to support your workplace as you foster inclusion, not as a checkbox activity, but as the beginning of awareness as you move towards advocacy.

Based on our extensive experience working with thousands of employees at companies around the globe, we believe the categories and statements you will encounter, collectively characterize behaviors of inclusive leadership and the cultivation of an inclusive workplace culture.

Please take your time to consider each assessment statement and respond as it relates to your workplace culture. This tool was made for you to be honest about where your workplace is today and where you would like to be in the future. There is also space for personal reflection as you move from awareness to action.

Your responses to the DEI workplace assessment will generate feedback indicating where you appear to fall on the Rework Work Unbias™ Blueprint and provide suggestions for advancing your workplace to the next level.

Assessment statement and
respond relates to your workplace culture

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