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A season of mindfulness

It’s hard to believe this is our last newsletter of the year. If you’re anything like me, the holiday season seems to make December fly by faster than any other month of the year.

In the hustle and bustle of this season, I challenge us all to be more mindful. Holidays are difficult for some for many reasons, perhaps because of a painful memory or a lost loved one. This time of year is also full of a diverse spectrum of religious holidays celebrated across this whole season. We must keep in mind that some celebrations may be more meaningful than others to those around us — while others still may not celebrate these holidays at all.

This year, I encourage you (and me!) to use this time to be more inclusive of others by focusing on people rather than a day on the calendar. Consider the wrap-up of 2023 — congratulate those around you for any milestones or accomplishments they’ve had in the last year. Ask about their aspirations for the year to come. If your workplace has a closure scheduled sometime this month, ask how they’re planning to spend the time off. By focusing on individuals rather than holidays, you will not only avoid an insensitive blunder but will also forge a personal connection. With connection comes that sought-after sense of belonging, which is one of the greatest gifts we could give another person. Bonus, we don’t even need a holiday to do it!

Whatever this season looks like for you, we at Rework Work hope you find time for family, friends, and plenty of rest. We will see you in 2024!


Inclusion at Work

Consideration of others isn’t just a project in December. There are opportunities to acknowledge and learn about other cultures all throughout the year! We’ve been providing our clients and network with a Diversity Calendar for a few years now and decided to update the language to align with our focus on inclusion. Our Inclusion at Work Calendar will help you become aware and more intentional with the diverse population represented in your workplace, as well as how to honor and respect those differences.

Our calendar has been a treasured resource for DEI advocates, marketing departments and teams across the country (it is quite U.S. centric) and we are delighted to bring you the 2024 edition so you can be prepared in the new year!

Simply Good

Can floating holidays foster inclusion?

When it comes to paid holidays, is your company ahead of the curve or behind the times?

It’s a tricky balance, of course. If many cultures are represented in your workplace, that means a lot of different holidays are important to your employees. With so many competing priorities, it can be challenging to create a paid holiday calendar that works for everyone. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you truly want to create a culture of inclusion around the holidays.

Simply Good (3)

The Rework Work offices will be closed from December 18 through January 2.

Stacey’s calendar is filling up as Black History Month and Women’s History Month will be here before you know it. If you’re still seeking a speaker, please reach out before the end of the year or as early in January as possible, as Stacey has limited availability.

Not yet a member of Rework Work’s online community? Join us for full access to even more resources that will enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace.

A season of mindfulness
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